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Track Listing

    1. Awake
    2. Highway Of Love
    3. Dream Chant
    4. Broken Wings
    5. Country High
    6. Reign Away
    7. Angel On My Mind

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Stoned Condition
  2. Then You'll Fly
  3. Mr. Music
  4. Them Changes


For our second reissue from New Zealand (our first being Dragon's Universal Radio), we go back even further to one of NZ's most significant psych-rock albums: Awake by Ticket.

This 1972 release is an out an out acid rock classic and a testament to the great chemistry created between the four members - Vocalist Trevor Tombleson, Guitarist Eddie Hansen, Bassist Paul Woolright and Drummer Ricky Ball. The rythmn section were tight and powerful, with just a hint of funk, Tombleson's vocals and stage presence were arresting and, in conjunction with Hansen's incredible guitar playing, provided a dual focus front of stage.

We have added two non-LP singles as bonus tracks: 'Stoned Condition' / 'Then You'll Fly' and 'Mr. Music' / 'Them Changes' (a killer version of the Buddy Miles classic!).

Package Contents

Awake has been remastered by Gil Matthews, liner notes from noted New Zealand writer Nick Bollinger, packaged in a deluxe 6 panel digi-pak with many rare photos.